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5 Small Business Marketing Tips for Valentines Day image

5 Small Business Marketing Tips for Valentines Day

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are perfect opportunities for small businesses to show customers they care. They are also a wonderful way to tap into the hype larger retailers generate, without blowing your marketing budget. Try these 5 tips this Valentine’s Day, your customers will just adore you!
  1. Make it social. Interact with your customers with a poll on Facebook featuring your products. Take to Twitter asking customers what they’re buying loved ones for Valentine’s Day (don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags). Go easy on the eyes with a pretty Instagram post. Customers love to share their stories, give them a platform to connect with your small business.
  2. Adore them with email. Add Valentine’s Day flair to your email marketing campaigns. Tease your customers with a flirty title such as “love is in the air with these spicy offers.” Personalize your campaign so customers feel special.
  3. Partner with a charity. Social responsibility and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match. If you’re an online retailer, give your customers an opportunity to make a donation and be sure to match it. Running a restaurant? Donate a percentage of each check or help out a food bank.
  4. Buddy up with another small business. Sell chocolate? Call a florist and work together to give bundled deals for your customers. Cross promoting each other on social media channels and email campaigns will double your exposure, and your customers will benefit too.
  5. Make everyone important. Valentine’s Day is synonymous with couples, be an all-inclusive small business. Not everyone needs a “2-for-1” special or a couple’s massage. Tailoring offers to every customer shows you’re looking out for them.
Valentine’s Day is all about love, show your customers a little and they’ll repay you all year long.  Happy Valentine’s Day from AmVenture, we’d love to hear from you!

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