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3 Technology Trends for 2018  image

3 Technology Trends for 2018

2017 was a banner year for technology; from CRISPR -- a DNA editing tool in the healthcare sector -- to the emergence of self-driving cars, it’s an exciting time to be not only a consumer, but an innovator as well. That’s why we’re excited about what technology will bring to the small business owner in 2018.

Here are 3 ways technology is trending for the coming year


According to Global Workplace Analytics, 3.7 million employees in the U.S. work from home, growing by 115% since 2005. Many Fortune 500 companies have already implemented telecommuting, but what does this mean for the small business owner? Running a restaurant isn’t conducive to telecommuting, but many office positions from project managers to computer programmers and online tutors traditionally have lent themselves to remote work. Increasingly popular positions such as social media managers, IT support, and even doctors are utilizing telecommuting. Small business owners in 2018 should anticipate a rise in opportunities to adjust their office space to reflect the changing market. Positions such as customer service, accounting, engineering, and recruiting are trending towards telecommuting.

Augmented Reality

Remember the dancing hot dog filter? With a quick swipe, you could place the dancing dog anywhere you wished in your camera frame. I had him dancing with my cat, cavorting with an actual hot dog at an Indians game... And that’s a simple example of augmented reality. Placing 3D objects into real-life scenarios through apps will let users blend fantasy with reality. Since augmented reality offers an immersive experience, small businesses can use it for training and education purposes for staff, to show customers products they can’t physically touch, and for real estate agents to show homes to potential buyers.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Smart Assistances are everywhere. They play my playlists, tell me how long my commute to work will be, and respond when I have an inquiry. This is just the bare minimum. Artificial intelligence capability can be embedded in almost every type of technology. From cloud application automation to chat bots to generate quick replies to your consumers, even human resource database management for your employees – incorporating AI into everything is where 2018 is headed.

Technology has a way of bringing everyone together, and it’s become more evident to business owners that it’s an avenue to bring them closer to their customers, too. As we move into 2018, we can find simple ways to incorporate these emerging technologies into our business to help us focus on things we’d rather be doing. Not everyone needs a dancing hot dog at the office, but if it could crank out an Excel Spreadsheet at a moment’s notice – why not?

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