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Insurance for Doctors

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Business and Malpractice Insurance for Doctors

As a medical professional, you help diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, and focus on ensuring your patients' overall health. By providing examinations, assessing each patient's medical history, writing prescriptions, and running diagnostic tests, your goal is to help patients stay healthy. However, running a medical practice exposes you to a variety of risks that can't always be avoided. You may be aware that medical malpractice suits are on the rise, but what you may not know is that doctors and other healthcare workers need far more protection than malpractice insurance alone. AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc. offers multiple insurance products for doctors that can keep your practice safeguarded whenever an issue arises.

Imagine a scenario where a patient accuses your practice of making his or her injuries worse or of misdiagnosing an illness. If you lose a lawsuit and don't have the funds to cover the costs of a judgment or settlement, the courts could require you to cover the costs from your personal assets. Investing in the right insurance plan is of the utmost importance in order keep your private practice protected.

Most Common Types of Insurance Options for Medical Professionals

Physicians, chiropractors, dentists, and other healthcare workers are each exposed to risks that pertain to their specific practice. Having adequate coverage in place is essential, but every medical professional doesn't always require the same types of coverage. Although there are many different types of insurance options for medical professionals, some of the most common and significant ones include workers' compensation, medical professional liability, and medical malpractice insurance.

Workers' Compensation

Running a medical facility requires you to rely on help from staff like nurses, aides, independent consultants, x-ray technicians, and other doctors. If one of your employees becomes injured on the job, you could be held responsible for covering the costs of their:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical treatment
  • Recovery expenses

Employers are liable for these costs, regardless of who was at fault. Workers' compensation helps pay for these expenditures, allowing you to remain focused on your patients. In certain instances, it even pays a portion of the employee's paycheck while he or she is in recovery.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

This type of policy can help protect your practice if a patient accuses your staff of negligence. Any individual who provides a service or offers professional advice to a patient should have a form of medical malpractice insurance since even the most experienced and cautious doctor or medical professional can't guarantee a mistake won't happen. Complications are quite common in the healthcare industry, and the ramifications from misdiagnosing a patient, healthcare-associated infections, or accidental harm to someone in your care can be devastating.

One of the most attractive features of medical malpractice insurance is that it can protect you from claims that arise from any medical service you've offered. Your medical malpractice insurance policy should be tailored to the size of your practice, how many employees you have, and your field of specialization.

Malpractice claims can stem from any stage of treatment. The following circumstances are common causes for medical malpractice claims:

  • Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
  • Misread test results
  • An overworked staff or an understaffed facility
  • Poor communication with a patient or staff member

Malpractice insurance provides coverage for liability for wrongdoing that results in a patient's death or further injury. This type of policy applies to both actual and perceived negligence, and it is usually required by law.

With the insurance plans AmVenture offers for doctors, you can protect your practice against numerous risks. We're familiar with the challenges you face, and we're here to help you identify the features and coverage limits you need to safely run your business. Give us a call today for more information, or receive your free quote quickly online.

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