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Restaurant Business Insurance

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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants can be surprisingly risky places, both for employees and patrons. Hot oil and fires are a constant risk in the kitchen, while servers and waiters can easily slip and fall due to an uncleaned spill. If food goes bad, your patrons--and your business' reputation--could be put at risk. Restaurant Insurance by AmVenture helps protect you from the costs associated with such risks.

About Restaurant Insurance

While restaurants are not typically difficult to insure, they do face plenty of unique risk exposures. Restaurants can get crowded, hot items are regularly being moved about, and food safety is a critical issue. All of these elements combine to make the restaurant business a surprisingly risky one. If an accident happens, whether it involves an employee or a patron, then your business could be held liable. Restaurant Insurance helps protect against the cost of claims and damage.

What Coverage is Included?

Restaurant Insurance generally includes coverage that most small business owners find useful, such as:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Cyber Liability
  • Businessowners Policy
  • Disability
  • Employment Practices Liability

Additionally, there may be unique risks, such as food liability or liquor liability, that your restaurant will need to address. Our reputation as a leader in bespoke insurance products will ensure that your restaurant has the coverage it needs.

Coverage for Employee Injuries

Whether it is kitchen staff, waiters, servers, or delivery drivers, your workers face a number of risks in what is often a crowded, fast-moving, and stressful environment. In the kitchen, stoves, ovens, knives, hot oil, and much more can cause serious injuries. Meanwhile, your waiters and servers are constantly moving around the premises and could easily fall victim to a slip and fall accident. Workers' compensation coverage helps your injured workers cover expenses related to their accidents. It also protects your business from being held liable for their injuries.

Coverage for Restaurant Property

Fires are an especially common risk for restaurants, especially in the kitchen. If a fire does happen, it may not only cause significant property damage, including to costly equipment and appliances, it may also lead to your restaurant having to close down temporarily. As part of our Businessowners Policy, you will enjoy coverage both for the cost of repairing damage to your property due to fire and other risks and for the costs of business interruption.

Protection Against Claims

Your restaurant is open to the public, which means you are responsible for your patrons while they are on your premises. Unfortunately, not every hazard can be eliminated entirely, especially in such a busy environment as a restaurant. Patrons, just as much as employees, are at risk of slipping and falling if dangerous spills are not cleaned up promptly.

Furthermore, a patron may claim that they got sick from food at your restaurant that was spoiled or not properly prepared. These injuries can lead to claims brought against your business, but General Liability coverage is designed to cover you for out-of-pocket expenses for most third-party claims.

Restaurants also typically have a high turnover rate, which makes the risk of an employment-related dispute high. With Employment Practices Liability Insurance, your business will be covered in the event that a disgruntled employee brings an employment-related claim against you.

How Do I Get Restaurant Insurance?

Don't take any chances when it comes to protecting your restaurant from the costs of an accident or claim. By filling out the form, a helpful representative from AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc. will quickly get in touch and show you how our Restaurant Insurance can help your business save money while providing peace of mind with a policy designed for the risks facing restaurants like yours.

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