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New Jersey Small Business Insurance

Small businesses are thriving across the Garden State. To keep your company's future looking rosy, it's necessary to safeguard your assets with small business insurance. Tailor-made for New Jersey entrepreneurs, bespoke insurance solutions through AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc. offer an acclaimed line of products, designed with small businesses like yours in mind. Our packages are available at competitive rates to help reduce your liability exposure and shoulder the financial burden of property damage, personal injury, and lawsuit claims against your New Jersey business.

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Even the savviest of business owners can't predict the future. If you're caught unprepared, property damage, workplace injuries, and liability claims can knock your finances off-kilter. But, protecting your business in New Jersey from lofty expenses and debt is easier with the right insurance. AmVenture is here to help lift the burden of medical bills, property vandalism, data leaks, and much more. We work with carriers to bring New Jersey business owners broad insurance plans designed for small businesses. Safeguarding your small business, your trusted employees, and your valued customers should be simple.

What Does It Cover?

At AmVenture, our bespoke insurance solutions are tailored for each individual client based on evaluating factors like business sector and workplace size. However, as a whole, our New Jersey clientele tends to gravitate toward these following insurance products:

  • Workers' Compensation: Within the state, it's mandated by law that employers carry workers' compensation insurance. Should an employee sustain a work-related injury or illness, this insurance typically covers the associated costs of medical expenses, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation. By providing workers' compensation insurance, your company is typically granted immunity from a lawsuits filed by employees against your business in connection with a workers' compensation claim. If a New Jersey business owner fails to provide this insurance, they could be facing civil fines and criminal charges.
  • State Disability Insurance: New Jersey is one of a few states that require businesses to provide State Disability Insurance to their employees. This short-term disability coverage offers state-mandated protection for injuries and illnesses sustained outside of work. While the cost of State Disability Insurance can be fully paid by your employees, many small business owners opt to share the expense.
  • Businessowners Policy (BOP): Third party lawsuits and workplace closures can jeopardize your company's financial future. To reduce your liability exposure, we suggest carrying a BOP. Designed with business owners in mind, BOPs are a bundle of three insurance products: General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, and Business Interruption. By joining this trio of products together, AmVenture is able to offer these services at an affordable, competitive rate.

General Liability Insurance is designed to cover third party claims, including advertising injury, on-property injury, or alleged harm caused by your products. Meanwhile, Property Insurance and Business Interruption can offer coverage in cases of property damage caused by fire or vandalism, alongside helping to recoup the losses from subsequent workplace closures.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: For small businesses that own, rent, or lease vehicles, Commercial Auto Insurance is imperative. Since Personal Auto Insurance usually doesn't cover an incident involving company-owned vehicles, business owners are required to carry Commercial Auto Insurance. This product typically provides coverage for property damage, liability claims, and medical and disability expenses related to automobile incidents.

How Do I Get Small Business Insurance in New Jersey?

Insuring your small business doesn't need to be a hassle. To get started, simply fill in our online form and a knowledgeable representative will soon contact you. AmVenture is proud to offer flexible, bespoke insurance solutions, to help legally cover and financially protect your company in the wake of unforeseen circumstances.

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