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Oklahoma Small Business Insurance

An under-insured business in Oklahoma could be one loss away from financial collapse. Every year across the USA, small businesses close their doors forever. Often, these business owners didn't run their companies poorly or mismanage their finances. Their critical misstep was investing in inadequate insurance. So, when disaster struck their small business, they were simply unable to afford the costs related to workplace accidents, third-party lawsuits, or property damage. AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc. gives you a chance to learn from their mistakes. Our trusted, top-rated bespoke insurance options can cover your liability exposure, helping to keepyou financially secure and protected.

Insurance Plans for Small Businesses in Oklahoma

The time is now in the Sooner State to start a small business. Oklahoma's iconic landscape of golden plains and lush mountains hosts 345,839 small businesses, a number that equates to 99.4% of its economic sphere, according to the Small Business Administration. But before you join ranks with these thriving startups, you need to invest in the right insurance coverage. In Oklahoma, certain insurance products are mandated by law, while others can be a practical necessity to avoid financial hardship and retain a healthy, happy future. Luckily, small business insurance through AmVenture makes it easy to safeguard your company with acclaimed bespoke solutions at affordable rates.

What Does It Cover?

We don't endorse one-size-fits-all insurance solutions through AmVenture. Instead, we'll sit down with you to help you choose a tailored coverage plan, which is filled with products designed for small businesses like yours. For your consideration in the meantime, these following products are some of Oklahoma's most popular:

  • Workers' Compensation: In the majority of industries, Oklahoma workers' compensation is required by state law. This insurance product generally covers the expenses related to an employee's work-related injury or illness, like hospital stays, vocational retraining, and lost wages. If an Oklahoma business owner fails to provide workers' compensation, they could be issued substantial fines, criminal charges, and even jail time for repeated offenses. This insurance is, however, advantageous to you too. If an employee accepts workers' compensation in connection with a work-related illness or injury in Oklahoma, your company may be immune from liability in any subsequent lawsuit filed by the employee in connection with the claim.
  • Businessowner's Policy (BOP): To potentially help small business owners save money, an Oklahoma BOP combines general liability insurance, property insurance, and business interruption insurance into a single, streamlined package. Together, this trio of products offers a wide umbrella of protection against liability exposure. For instance, businessowner's policy can cover third party claims if a customer alleges harm from your products, workplace closures caused by certain unforeseen circumstances, and many forms of property damage due to carelessness, vandalism, or natural disasters.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Operating a company-owned vehicle without commercial auto insurance could lead to devastating consequences. If the uninsured vehicle is involved in a collision, there's a high possibility of costly medical and disability bills, property damage, and even liability lawsuits. Be advised that personal auto insurance doesn't typically cover a vehicle if it's being used for commercial purposes.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: If your company stores payroll information or its clientele's sensitive data in a shared database, you're vulnerable to cyber crime. A single hacking attack could result in online data leaks, identity theft, and temporary workplace closures during the incident's investigation. While the combined price tag on these damages can be staggering, cyber liability insurance can help with the financial burden, so your company can focus on returning to its normal operations.

How Do I Get Oklahoma Small Business Insurance?

Don't neglect your company's insurance for another day. To begin designing your bespoke insurance package through AmVenture, fill in our online form now. A knowledgeable representative will thoroughly review your small business' case, before contacting you with products designed to protect your workplace.

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